Virtual Reality & Architectural Rendering

We offer a fully immersive virtual reality experience for commercial and residential properties that allows clients to experience a property before it is built along with architectural renderings.

Space Planning

We will help you create an optimal flow between the rooms in your current renovation or new build. We help to optimize the layout, making the best use of the available space to suit your needs.

Virtual Staging

Tired of the high costs of staging a space, and wasting all the time needed on-site while a stager is setting up? Give virtual staging a try; for this service, our professionals digitally add furniture and finishes to an empty room to help your property sell.

Below provides a brief explanation of how to access our services, and what will happen when you do:

Virtual Reality is the future of the real estate industry, changing the way properties are promoted and sold. Buyers and investors can experience a space well before it is ever built from the comfort of their home. VR can also be used to show clients and investors dangerous or hard to reach commercial and industrial locations and structures from the safety of their office.

How our services work:
1. Contact our experienced and tech-savvy team about your visions and objectives for your project, whether it is an architectural rendering for a renovation or a virtual reality experience for marketing a commercial property.
2. After our initial discussions, we will ask you to send over relevant materials which could include CAD drawings, any custom furnishings you want included, for us to create the most tailored product for you to visualize, promote, or market your property.
3. We will create architectural renderings of your space and send to you for your review.
4. We will make modifications if needed and produce final renderings. If you would like VR, we will create the experience from the detailed renderings, and submit you the final product in a medium of your choice.

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